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As a practicing OB/GYN physician, Dr. Wrigley has become well attuned to listening to patient’s concerns. She understands the importance of health and well being, including appearance. She attended medical school at the University of Arizona and has received additional aesthetic training throughout the United States for Botox, fillers, Lasers, and IPL.

Though Dr. Wrigley has a wealth of professional experience in medical aesthetics, she also brings empathy to her practice. During a pregnancy she developed a condition called melasma, or “mask of pregnancy” from sun exposure.

Through her exploration of treatment options Dr. Wrigley became versed in the discipline of aesthetics. She holds a high standard for her practice and believes that integrity and compassion are key for delivering the best care to her clients.

Dr. Wrigley applies this high standard to her suppliers, using only the best medical-grade products available and believes in preventative skincare for everyone.

She enjoys traveling to warm beach locations, skiing, hiking and spending time with her husband and children.


Natasha has more than 20 years of experience as an aesthetician. She began practicing with Aveda in Australia and later moved to Oregon where she worked as the director at the Dosha Spa. She then took her experience back home to Anchorage where she was an owner of the local Aveda. Natasha joined Alaska Body Aesthetics in 2013 to pursue specialized medical aesthetics.

Natasha has a passion for helping people look and feel their best and is committed to excellent client service and the latest in skincare development.