Our Products

With the endless amount of cosmetic products available these days, it can be incredibly difficult to choose the right options for your skincare regimen. At AK Body, we provide products to nourish, restore, and protect your skin. These product lines are recommended by the industry’s leading experts for exfoliation, moisturizing, acne reduction, anti-aging benefits, and more.

The SkinCeuticals product philosophy is simple – healthy skin requires a care regimen that includes three fundamental elements: prevention, protection and correction. Designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and improve previous damage, SkinCeuticals products are backed by science.

Alaska Body Aesthetics has a physician on hand to customize a prescription homecare regimen unique for each individual. Personalized treatments include pore-cleansing, acne-fighting and complexion-refining products. As this service is tailored for each client it will modify as the complexion improves.

Designed by a renowned dermatologist, Obagi Medical products offer targeted solutions through transformation systems and skin recovery products. Our consultants will customize a system of products that can increase the speed of cell growth turnover by removing damaged cells, transforming skin from the inside out.

The Obagi Medical systems and products address premature aging from daily sun exposure, reducing wrinkles and darker pigmentation areas on the facial area, chest and neck. Though Obagi Medical products are created to purposefully treat your skin, they are also designed with luxury in mind to deliver powerful results.

ZO’s Skin Health line boasts professional-grade products with two goals: to address areas of concern and to focus on the maintenance of a smooth, firm and hydrated complexion.

ZO’s renewal crèmes help counter the effects of aging by promoting collagen growth and increasing skin’s elasticity. Collagen-boosting products accelerate the skin’s natural mechanisms to repair DNA and photo-damage helping to reduce discolorations and protect skin from sun exposure and environmental pollutants. The ZO Skin Health line also has specially formulated products to treat acne with deep pore-cleansing treatments that soothe irritated skin.

For a healthy complexion it’s important to have a well-designed basic maintenance program. The ZO Skin Health line has specialized cleansing systems for all skin types, conditions and ages. Cleansers, exfoliants and hydrants target oil formation, remove dead skin cells and enhance the penetration of antioxidants and moisturizers. 

ISDIN was conceived in Barcelona, Spain by an alliance of global leaders in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fragrances. The result – a worldwide dermo-cosmetics company that specializes in skin health, treatment and beauty.

ISDIN products are developed by a research team that uses breakthrough discoveries. ISDIN offers a complete range of dermatological solutions with the highest quality standard for healthy, young-looking skin.

Gentle and sunscreen-based, Elta MD products are ideal for sensitive, acne-prone, dry or post-procedural skin. Say good bye to fine under-eye wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles while protecting your skin with moisturizing recovery. Even skin color and tone with an oil and fragrance-free moisturizer. For chronically dry skin we have therapeutic products designed for longevity, keeping your skin hydrated and glowing all day.

Elta MD products are great, affordable protection to wear everyday.